Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fire Breathing Dragons & Ascension Dysfunction

Last year I hit a series of rough days.  There was some drama in my home. It wasn't fun, and I didn't stay calm every time, even though I knew I had a lot more ability to do so than the other party. The hard part was my own thinking. There wasn't really a problem, stuff happens, people are unreasonable sometimes, but my thinking got caught up in the stories it created about it all. (It's a very unusual trait in humans, LOL!) In short, I'd been walking around in a cloud of Fire Breathing Dragons, but I'd maintained awareness that they were just stories. They were just - poof - nothing, just thoughts encouraging me to be bummed out! I didn't want to be bummed out. I wanted to break through the cloud of Fire Breathing Dragons, because at that moment it was a thing about my living situation, but the week before it was.....and the next week, or tomorrow it will be....It seemed time to look these things square on and see that they are just stories.

Grace responded to my wish to get out of the cloud. Driving on a busy road, in a good deal of traffic I turned on my car radio. As the antenna was supposed to be going up I heard this strange sound. It didn't sound like an antenna going up, but the radio went on. When I stopped at my next destination I looked where the antenna should be and saw a cord hanging over the side of the car - oh, and there was the antenna, dangling from the cord. The visual image of that thing going up, being loosed from it's housing and fallling caused me to break into laughter. I imagined the view of those other drivers and - poof - the cloud of Fire Breathing Dragons was gone. 

Really, this isn't funny. How can it be funny?  My car is 17 years old, because I don't have the money for something newer - it helps that I really like my car - and the number of things that were going wrong with it at that time were not laughable. This is serious business! But, I was amused by the visual image of that antenna's ascending dysfunction! 

See how much influence my thoughts have on my experience?

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