Sonya - neck pain
Last Fall I had a painful muscle spasm in my neck and left shoulder which had been hurting every day for 4-5 months. In the early part of Winter I began having healing sessions with Elizabeth to see if the pain could be resolved. After the first session in was evident that the spasm had released somewhat. After the second session, a week later, it had moved to being a slight soreness in the middle of my upper back; but I no longer had the muscle spasm. After the third session, the pain was completely gone. (This healing all took place after I had gone to the Chiropractor for 2 months during the Summer which did not result in any pain relief.) If I get another muscle spasm, I will call Elizabeth right away. Why be in pain for months when there is a solution?

Tami - personal challenges
I have been having some personal difficulties in my life and Elizabeth worked on me from afar and we talked some and two days later she called to ask how I was doing and I could honestly say that I am again finding the old joy back in my life no matter what time of day or where I am and I am pleased because I feel that she really is a part of why the joy has come back into my life.I would definetly talk with her again if I feel the need.

Herb – a non believer – weight concerns
It was about a year and a half ago I started receiving Qigong sessions with Elizabeth.  I thought it was a pretty ridiculous idea, but I’d known her a long time and some of her absurd ideas had turned out pretty well.  For most of my, not short, life I had been going to extreme measures to lose weight, only to gain it back again.  Elizabeth said Qigong sessions could help.  I thought, ‘That’s pretty far-fetched, even for her!!’  But, decided to try a session.
I didn’t lose any weight!  Then, she hadn’t suggested I would.  She’d told me that over time she hoped to see my relationship with food and my body change in a way that I liked.  What I noticed with the first session is how peaceful I felt.  Over the months it became clear that even when I arrived for a session in a lather over a project at work that was out of control, when I left, I felt so much better that I could go back and deal with the project effectively.  This is why I kept up the sessions.

After sessions I also noticed that I wasn’t as stiff and my joints hurt less than they had before.  The bursitis even seemed to calm down.  I wasn’t seeing what I wanted to see most – a thin me – but it was doing good things anyway.

Elizabeth told me I’d get faster results if I began a practice of those Qigong exercises.  That wasn’t going to happen, she understood and we continued to work together just with the healing sessions. 

A few times when there were intense stressors in my life she did long distance healing sessions for me.  If I hadn’t experienced it, I would not have believed I could have walked through those situations as calmly as I did.

It was over a year into our sessions when something really shifted.  I had a commitment to healthy eating, to exercise, to managing stressors in my life that I’d never had before.  When I took on an exercise program, I didn’t even mind.  Exercise has not been something I’ve wanted to do and I’ve spent more time complaining about the necessity of it then doing it.  Now, I just do it.  I have a coach whose role is to help me set and make goals.  I actually tell this person the truth about what I’ve done and haven’t done.  I set goals and I achieve them.  It’s as if my whole mindset has changed.  Elizabeth told me that has been the goal, because with a change in my mindset other things would fall into a natural balance.

I really did think she was full of it, but over time I had to tell her that I could see the Qigong healing sessions had made a difference in my life.

It can be a little hard to tell it’s having an impact.  It can be very subtle and there are many influences.  Elizabeth wouldn’t disagree with me when I say that it hasn’t been just the Qigong, it has been other things too.  But it seems like the Qigong helped open the door to those other things really having an impact.  Don’t tell her I said that.  I really enjoy giving her a bad time about this weird stuff she does.