Practice Groups and Classes

Weekly Qigong Practice Group 

 Breathing   Mental Focus   Gentle Movements   Meditation
 Balance   Energy   Movement   Empowerment

Spring Forest Qigong is a self-healing practice involving movement and focusing of the attention. It is Gentle and Simple. It can be done standing, seated or lying down. One need not have experience to

Practice Groups are a good introduction to Spring Forest Qigong Exercises.  They are also an opportunity for someone who practices SFQ to connect and practice with others who are just beginning or already maintaining a practice.

Wednesday Evening Practice Group:

Where:         Folsom near Inwood Rd and Auburn-Folsom Rd

When:           Wednesday Evenings 6pm to 7pm

More Info:     Elizabeth Wescott, is an ordained minister, a one time certified SFQ instructor, massage therapist and offers private sessions for Inner Tending. 916-969-7993,,

There is no fee, dana is accepted.

updated 10-27-17