Friday, October 8, 2010

Describing Qigong Healing

Quite naturally, people often ask me to describe what it is I do when doing healing work, or to describe Qigong healing.  Unless I know the person well, or have a grasp of their paradigm of reality I am hard pressed to describe this incredible art.  If I had a better understanding of Quantum Physics there are those I could describe it to quite easily… but, it’s a rare person who I run into who has even the very elementary knowledge of Quantum Physics I do.  Then another route for describing it is Taoism, oops.  Precisely the same problem arises as with Quantum Physics.  Our comprehension of the influence we have over energy (so that means everything) is not really up to the task of describing this healing art or understanding it.  It’s a simple fact.  Yet, because I am asked so often, I have made an attempt here to put some of my understanding into words.

Qigong healing has been in use in China for thousands of years.   It’s based on a simple principle expressed by Albert Einstein, ‘Every thing is energy.’  Einstein found that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed, something Taoist masters understood long ago.

Illness, stress, excessive fatigue, chronic pain, financial distress, emotional imbalance, relationship issues… are each an expression of energy that is out of balance.  To put it another way, it is energy that is seeking to be transformed by our skilful attention.  The personal practice of Spring Forest Qigong and Qigong healing are very accessible ways to bring skilful attention to any area of life.

It could be said that when something is out of balance, something is stuck.  There is a hindrance to the natural flow of energy.  We were all born with the ability to heal ourselves and others.  It is the interconnectedness of being that Quantum Physics is revealing to us that helps us understand this reality.  As an energy healer, learning through Spring Forest Qigong and other areas of study, through my connection with the client and Life itself I use my understanding of the effects of awareness and intention to focus energy in a way that facilitates a return to balance, essentially utilizing my client’s innate ability to heal.  Much of the work is done through my visualization and a ‘felt sense’ of the flow of energy to send silent messages to my client.  In a face-to-face healing session I use my hands in certain ways to help me focus my attention where my client needs assistance in reclaiming the natural, balanced flow of their energy system – on the levels of thought, form and spirit.  When doing Long Distance healing I use visualization.  In any case, I am always calling upon the energy of Life itself to express the natural balance that is always present.

In addition to freedom from pain, the rapid healing of wounds, greater emotional stability, greater mental clarity, increased motivation and ability to stand up to addiction, increased energy, vitality… my clients have also experienced a sense of peace and ease that they have found unique and delightful.  I may not be able to explain how this occurs, but a lot of us are happy that it does.

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