Friday, September 17, 2010

Stepping Stones to Health

Stepping Stones to Health

Change is a lot of different things.  Sometimes it comes in a flash, sometimes it comes in fits and starts, sometimes it comes in discreet increments.  To be very philosophical about it, however it shows up, it is always taking place.  Where ever it is we happen to be in the moment when we recognize we want something to change, we are in standing on the first Stepping Stone to that change.  Awareness brings change, desire can fuel action.  In that first moment of recognition that we want change, we have Awareness and Desire.

There’s another aspect to change worthy of discussion, change we don’t want.  It happens in all the same ways noted above.  In that moment we recognize that something has changed in a way that we are not happy about, we are once again on a Stepping Stone, the first stepping stone that leads to peace with what has happened.  Again, we have Awareness that we are not at peace with what has unfolded and we have a Desire to be at peace.  Awareness and Desire are powerful allies to anyone who wishes to know their wholeness.

Stepping Stones to Health is a blog that carries the name of my business, a business that, at its core, is dedicated to assisting others in finding right where they are is the perfect place for forward movement in life.  The tools I use in my business are Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 practice groups and classes, and coaching; and Qigong healing – face-to-face as well as long distance.

There are many times in my life that I have been quite certain that where I was could not possibly be on the perfect stepping stone to experiencing peace, health or wholeness.  I have come to know that what I experience doesn’t always represent what is true.  Depression is a good example of this.  I have spent a lot of time with the negative thoughts depression sends across the screen of the mind.  It shows me how little is possible, how little I am loved, how little I love and many other things that suggest things are unworkable.  It shows me a great and convincing variety of things about how wrong where I am at the moment is.  When the depression lifts, I see that I have fallen sway to a pack of lies.  While in the depression, what I saw seemed very, very real to me.  Yet it wasn’t.  It was an experience I was having at the time, it was not the truth.

It’s easier to see the pliability of emotional states than of health, financial difficulties, relationship issues and all things physical.  Yet, they are much more pliable than we realize.  Very often, what vexes us is more smoke and mirrors than reality.  As we give attention to practices like Spring Forest Qigong, practices that invite us to relate to life at an energetic level – while usually we relate to the physical and mental aspects – we begin to experience the presence of serenity we hadn’t noticed before.  We also begin to see life unfolding more easily and we begin to loosen our grip on the controls.

Though this blog carries the name of my business, the topics are likely to vary a lot.  There’s so much to explore in life, so many moments to sit with and delve into.  Be prepared with spelunking gear, scuba gear, climbing cleats, surf board, and you’ll probably want a hang glider, too.  We never know what life’s going to offer up, and I’m a bit like that; I can go off in a lot of different directions.  I’m looking forward to riding with you!

Elizabeth Wescott


  1. What a great beginning! We do tend to look at the tangible things in our lives as less pliable. This is so true. And yet we do have control. We aren't stuck.
    As someone who has experienced your instruction, I can attest to the power of Qigong practice and its ability to change my energetic focus.
    Thank you, Elizabeth, for this great post. I look forward to more!

  2. So glad to have your support and enthusiasm!