Monday, May 30, 2011

Giving Worry the Wings of Prayer

Tuesday, June 7 @ 7pm Heart to Hearth is holding a New Moon Blessing.  See website and calendar  for pertinent information, location, fee, etc.  I'm including a bit of information that doesn't show on the site.

"It seems that at this time, things that help us use difficulties to grow and evolve are good things to have around.  We have the ability to give our worries and concerns ‘prayer wings’.  And doing so is really essential.  We can become overwhelmed by the suffering we see or hear about and then shut down, or the pain around us can become toxic to us.  If we will do things – with the intention of relieving a particular suffering – we empower ourselves in the face of pain, and we actually help in the process.  As a culture, when we think of doing something, we think of taking direct physical action.  Very often we can't.  But we can give our desire to be helpful expression anyway and it will be helpful to us and to all.  We may not see the effects of our efforts, but that our good intentions help, I have no doubt."

At this event, I'll be guiding us in a process to extend healing energy to ourselves (those present) and others (those not present).  It's a very creative process.  My hope is to expand our vocabulary of 'helping' so that we can each find ways to respond to suffering we witness around us that enrich our lives.

I send this with wishes of good things for you!

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